What’s In A Name? A Phroogal Definition

What’s in a name? A name means a lot. It conveys an expected experience.

Phroogal was founded to help you access financial knowledge, products, and services, and connect with a community that shares a common philosophy.

Phroogal Definition

I frequently talk about how people can live a rich life, frugally.

But, frugal living can easily get associated with “cheapness” and a not so appealing lifestyle of bare-bones living.

I had a different understanding of the word.

Frugality wasn’t about being cheap. It was a way of living that spent every dollar with intention.

So how did I come to choosing phroogal as the namesake of my purpose?

One night, while on a desolate road, the word frugal came into my mind. I stopped and pulled the car over on the side of the road. It was then that I registered the URL address and created the social media screen names and handles.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who asked me why I chose to spell Phroogal with an “al” versus a “le.”

My response: “I understand we’ve grown accustomed to seeing how Google is spelled. But, Google itself is a play on the word googol. So I’ve chosen Phroogal as a play on the word frugal.”

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