Team Members

It takes a team to deliver on our promise to empower you to live your best life.


Jason Vitug, Founder and CEO

Jason is the founder of and is a bestselling and New York Times-reviewed author of You Only Live Once. He’s a financial wellness advocate writing on mindset, and the mental and emotional connection between health and wealth.

Jason Vitug

Leonardo Cortes, Financial Literacy Educator

Leonardo is the resident financial literacy educator for community outreach and in-school education. He is an 11-year Navy veteran and a full-time personal finance teacher. Leo’s financial writing focuses on the military, children, and parenting.

Leonardo Cortes team

Franklin Mejia, Events Coordinator

Franklin manages events logistics from sponsored events to book signings. 

Franklin Mejia

Writers and Contributors

Dan Grinthal

Dan is a writer and entrepreneur. His latest adventure is an upcycled craft company that grew out of his family’s popular flower stand. Dan’s writing focuses on side hustles, small business, and purposeful travel.

Dan Grinthal

Kalani Benjamin

Kalani is a flight attendant passionate about personal finance. She is originally from the Bay Area, CA, and spent several years living as an ex-pat in Europe. A fan of taking daily naps and enjoying good food, Kalani believes the two most important things money can afford are time and options.

Christine Vega-Pérez

Christine is a registered nurse working as a Risk Management Specialist for a large healthcare organization. She is the founder of Life’s Risk Management, a blog site aiming to help others feel calm, confident, and competent with life’s decision-making. Christine is a busy mom of two toddler boys and loves spending time with family, especially at the beach.

Christine Vega

Valencia Higuera

Valencia is a freelance writer from Chesapeake, Virginia, and a self-proclaimed personal finance junkie. Her obsession with money started in her early twenties, and she loves spending her days writing articles and blog posts on personal finance topics. Watch Valencia’s YouTube channel.

Valencia Higuera writer

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