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  • Manage Money ArticlesLower Your Bills Without Sacrificing Quality of Life

    4 Ways to Lower Your Bills Without Sacrificing Quality of Life

    Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine how to lower your bills without sacrificing the quality of your life. It is possible. In this article, you’ll learn about my Spend Matrix on reducing, negotiating, eliminating, and consolidating expenses, and practical steps to lower your monthly living expenses while enjoying your lifestyle. The Spend Matrix By trimming unnecessary costs and optimizing your spending,…

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  • Borrow Money Articles

    The Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Consolidation

    If you have several federal student loans, consolidating may be an option to consider. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about federal student loan consolidation. What is the Direct Consolidation Loan? A Direct Consolidation Loan is made by the U.S. Department of Education allowing you to combine one or more federal student loans into one new…

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