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  • Money Fundamentals
    Personal Finance Numbers

    5 Important Personal Finance Numbers You Must Know

    Your personal finance numbers are vitals that help you assess your financial health. Calculating these financial numbers offers insights into how well you’re doing and what areas may need improvement. The following are the 5 important personal finance numbers to know.: Net Worth Cash Flow Number Income Number Credit Score Debt-to-Income Ratio 1. Net Worth Your net worth is by…

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  • Manage Money Articles

    5 Personal Finance Rules You Might Need to Break

    To improve your personal finances, you can talk with a financial planner, read money blogs or get advice from financially savvy friends. And as you read or speak with individuals, you might recognize some common money beliefs — in fact, you might get the same basic advice. The truth of the matter is there are many general personal finance rules…

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  • Budgeting

    21 Financial Tips I Wished I Knew at 21 Years Old

    There are times I reflect on my life and wished I knew a few more things about personal finance back in college. It would have smoothed out the tumultuous relationship I had with money and credit. I’m sure I would have accomplished more goals earlier if I wasn’t stressed about money. Here is my attempt to help you get right…

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