financial freedom

  • Journey

    How to Reach Financial Freedom

    Stage 5 on the financial wellness roadmap is financial freedom.  From financial independence to being financially free, it’s the stage where you can be and live how you want without the trappings of finances. You’re living the life you choose. What is Financial Freedom? Similar to financial independence, financial freedom means your wealth covers lifestyle choices and expenses. Making money is not a…

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  • Money Fundamentals

    5 Stages of the Financial Wellness Roadmap

    The Financial Wellness Roadmap has five stages: financial literacy, financial capability, financial security, financial independence, and financial freedom. I created the Roadmap to guide you to better health and wealth. I hope that you enjoy living today as you plan for a better tomorrow. Financial well-being happens as you progress from financial literacy to financial freedom. Therefore, it’s not the…

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