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    Become a Money Genius: How to Manage Money as a Student

    Many people treat college like a financial safety blanket, but it’s crucial to learn how to manage money as a student. College is the real world. It comes with real experiences and real expenses. However, many adults refer to it as ‘Life in the ivory tower.’ That’s a very negative statement. What they mean is that life sort of presses…

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    21 Financial Tips I Wished I Knew at 21 Years Old

    There are times I reflect on my life and wished I knew a few more things about personal finance back in college. It would have smoothed out the tumultuous relationship I had with money and credit. I’m sure I would have accomplished more goals earlier if I wasn’t stressed about money. Here is my attempt to help you get right…

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    How to Avoid Financial Mistakes I Made in College

    While attending Rutgers University, I worked full-time at Newark Airport making $30,000 a year. My lack of financial knowledge, however, set me on the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle before I was 20. When I look back in my college years, I can clearly see the financial mistakes I’ve made. These mistakes caused a great deal of debt-related stress and cost me thousands…

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    How to Minimize Student Loan Debt

    Student loans are helpful to afford college but there are ways you can minimize student loan debt before graduation. I used student loans to help me afford college but after 4 years I had well over $30,000 of student loan debt. Today, I’ve learned some useful tips that can keep student loans use low reducing future financial stress associated with…

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