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Stash Review 2022: Best Investing Features, Pros and Cons

An all-in-one personal finance app to invest, spend, save and earn.

In this Stash review, we’ll cover the investing features, pros and cons, and if this app is right for you. 

Pricing and Fees - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Tools and Resources - 10


Our Score

Comprehensive personal finance app to help you invest and build a portfolio with a well-designed spending account.

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Stash Review Summary

Stash is an all-in-one investing and banking platform that includes guidance and education to its members. A great app that’s easy for beginners to use and navigate. With Stash, you can invest in fractional shares and earn stock-back rewards for using the debit card. There’s no minimum and a simple monthly fee ($1 – $9) to access benefits.

What is Stash?

Stash is a personal finance app that focuses on helping people invest, bank, and retire better.  Stash’s online brokerage account is integrated with a checking and debit card. The goal is to make investing easy and approachable for many who may find it complicated. 

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Full Review

Stash is a legitimate and trusted personal finance app helping 5 million people invest in individual stocks and ETFs. For many investing can be challenging but Stash aims to make it easier and more understandable.

They have a highly integrated educational component to their investing module. And once you’ve joined and funded your account, you can start investing in fractional shares of stocks and ETFs for as little as $1 or less.

The Stash checking account comes with a debit card. There are no hidden bank fees and you can get cashback in the form of stocks from select companies when using the debit card. For example, shop at Walmart and get 1% of your purchase back in stocks.

Stash Features

Stash shines with its user-friendly interface and an educational centered design.

  • Portfolio builder – create an investment strategy that aligns with your values and meets your goals
  • Fractional shares – start investing with $1 or less
  • Stock-back rewards – unique opportunity to earn stocks with some purchase
  • Automated invest – set recurring daily, weekly, and monthly investments
  • Auto-save – round up or use variable savings feature
  • Account Minimum  – $0

Stash Products

  • Invest – invest in stocks and ETFs, fractional shares
  • Spend – checking account with a debit card, no minimums
  • Retirement – tax-advantaged accounts, traditional or Roth
  • Custodial – accounts for your children under the age of majority

Stash early payday gives you access to your paycheck direct deposit 2 days earlier.  Stash round-up lets you save more by rounding up purchases and transferring difference into savings. Smart-Stash saves a variable amount for days you have extra cash.


  • Beginner: $1 a month. Includes checking and a debit card.
  • Growth: $3 a month. Adds on an individual retirement account and retirement advice.
  • Stash+: $9 a month. Includes Beginner and Growth, plus investing accounts for kids, metal double stock-back card, and monthly market insights report.

Pros & Cons

✓ Educational content and high level of support
✓ Auto-save features
✓ Stock-back rewards
✓ Value-based investments options
☓ No portfolio management
☓ Higher expense ratios on ETFs

Who is it best for?

Stash is best for new investors looking for guidance and support as the app is cleverly designed to help beginners build their portfolio. It’s a great app for anyone with minimal investing experience or a small amount of money. 

How to start a Stash account

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Step-by-Step to opening an account with Stash

  1. Getting started

    Sign up online using this Stash link.

  2. Fund your account

    Add at least $5 to your invest account

  3. Choose your investments

    Start investing and build your portfolio

Stash Review: Is Stash Right for You?

Stash is a worthy investing app to consider. It’s the reason it made it into our best micro-investing list. In this Stash review, I hope you learned how this service is best for beginner investors looking for more guidance in building a portfolio. The app is well designed to help you understand how to buy your first stock or ETF, even if it’s only a fraction of a share.

With a comprehensive offering, Stash can be your all-in-one financial app helping you invest, earn, save, and spend. The checking and debit card with no hidden fees, no minimum account, early payday, and auto-saving features can help a lot of people manage money better.

If you’re a more experienced investor, you have other options available such as M1 Finance (read the M1 review). You can also find alternative options in our financial marketplace

But Stash can serve your financial needs in other ways. If you’ve been looking for an app that integrates the features of Acorns, Digit, and Robinhood, then look no further. 

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Stash InvestStash SpendRetirementCustodial
Micro-investing and fractional shares.Checking and debit card with early payday.Traditional and Roth IRAsInvestment accounts for kids.
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