Welcome to Your 7-Day Financial Wellness Kickstart

Thanks again for signing up! You’re kickstarting an amazing journey to financial well-being.

I’m Jason Vitug, your guide in the Kickstart series and the person you’ll be hearing from for the next 7 days. 

I’m here to do two things for you:

  • Help shift your mindset to lessen stress and improve your financial well-being.
  • Teach you money mastery skills to manage, earn, grow, borrow, and protect your money.

All you need is 10 minutes a day (we’ve timed this). After 7 days, you will notice a financial transformation has taken place.

Let’s start with some fundamentals.

Why financial wellness?

Financial wellness is about your health and wealth. It’s about the overall quality of the life you’re living. It is the active pursuit of healthy living through financial planning and goal setting to live your best life.

It’s about enjoying today as you plan for a better tomorrow.

Before we continue, I want you to know about the Smile Money philosophy.

We believe that money isn’t everything, but it impacts most things. But money isn’t the end goal either; it’s a tool to help achieve the goals. Therefore, money mastery, both mental and practical, is essential to living experiential and purposeful lives. 

The tenants of the philosophy include:

  • money is a tool,
  • time is a finite resource,
  • practice financial and self-awareness,
  • use the best products and services,
  • spend mindfully,
  • save purposefully,
  • invest intentionally,
  • continuously learn,
  • have a vision for living,
  • align financial decisions based on values,
  • and set financial goals that serve your purpose.

Now, how is this kickstart series structured?

Over the next 7 days, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Day 1: Awareness–Elevating your money mindset
  • Day 2: Manage Money–Using cash flow to direct your money
  • Day 3: Earn Money–Creating your income strategy
  • Day 4: Grow Money–Investing for your future
  • Day 5: Borrow Money–Building credit for wealth creation
  • Day 6: Protect Money–Safeguarding your assets
  • Day 7: Live Well–Living a more experiential and purposeful life

What happens next?

This is a 7-day email course. You will receive an email daily for 7 consecutive days. In all, you’ll get a total of 9 emails, including the introduction and wrap-up.

Your first lesson will arrive tomorrow.

With each email, you’ll get a lesson and assignment, a daily money mantra, a breathwork activity, and additional resources.

I want you to understand that this is a “deep dive” introductory series. I didn’t want to give you fluff. There are enough unhelpful courses out there. Your time is valuable to me. And I wanted the free kickstart to be of true value to you.

I do want to set expectations. 

There are many aspects to money and finances we can’t cover in 7 days. However, by completing the 7-day lessons, I am optimistic you’ll continue on the road to financial wellness.

When should you complete each daily lesson? 

That’s up to you. I recommend blocking 30 minutes in your day to read the email and complete the assignment. 

Do you really need to complete the homework? 

That’s up to you again. Keep in mind, similar to your physical health, doing the work is required for better financial health.

Want more? We have tons of articles on thesmilemoney.com that are already available to you. If you’re looking for the best financial apps to use, visit phroogal.com.

In the meantime, your first assignment is to download the workbook.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Lesson 1.

With you on the journey,


Author of Happy Money Happy Life & Founder of The Smile Money

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Optional Assignment: Connect and share

I’ve learned doing things with friends can be helpful. Use the links below to share the 7-day Financial Wellness Kickstart with a friend.

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Wellness Activity

Money and finances can feel overwhelming. I’ve learned simple breathwork exercises can help calm the nerves. As a certified breathwork specialist, I’ve incorporated breathwork into these lessons. It’s a game-changer. Each day, you’ll learn a breathwork technique to help you on your journey.

Breathwork exercise: 1-2 Sigh
1. Take a seated position with a tall back and feet planted on the floor. 
2. Allow your shoulders to roll back and fall down and close your eyes. 
3. Take 1 deep breath through the nose for a count of 2. 
4. Then, open your mouth and release with a sigh through the mouth.

You might notice tension in and around your mouth and jaws and perhaps tightness in your shoulders.

5. Repeat. 2 more times.