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How to Negotiate and Lower Your Cable Bill

10 ways to save money by lowering your cable bill

Need to lower your cable bill? Well, there’s a trend in cutting the cord, however, the reality is that many of us still need the cable companies to get internet service.

Cable and internet companies have gotten wiser though. They’ve begun lowering the cost of cable and increasing the cost of internet access. In some cases, cutting cable could increase your monthly bill because it removes a bundled discount.

Looking to lower your household expenses. Take a look at your cable bill by speaking directly with your cable and internet provider. Make your first call about research so that you can compare your existing plan with their new offer and to those of local competitors.

10 Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill

To negotiate with your existing cable provider, you can do the following:

  1. Drop to a lower-tier package. After you’ve done your research on the plans and bundles available. You don’t want to lower your tier package and get less service to save only a couple of dollars.
  2. Bundle your services. Bundling can lower your overall monthly bill because of bundled discounts.
  3. Save money by cutting cable. Consider getting internet-only services and using your favorite streaming service.
  4. Cancel streaming services. We often focus on lowering cable bills but continue to subscribe to an ever-growing number of streaming services. These services can quickly add up.
  5. Speak to your current cable provider and directly ask for a loyalty discount. New programs or discounts are created periodically so you can inquire if any new discounts are available. Be polite, but if you don’t get the answer you want, save your energy for another day. Call again to reach someone else, not all customer service reps aren’t trained about new discounts.
  6. Shop around and research online and call local providers. Ask specifically about their new subscriber packages and if they can meet or exceed your current service and lower your overall monthly bill.
  7. Get cell phone service through your cable provider. Eliminate your existing cellphone bill and add a cable cellphone services that could open a new discount to your monthly cable bill. This option may only be available in select markets. If you’re traveling to an area not serviced by your cable and internet provider, the service may be spotty.
  8. Negotiate with your new cable and internet provider. Sometimes a good deal can be an even greater one. You can haggle for additional services and lower fees by signing a longer contract. When in doubt, keep asking questions until you fully understand all the available options.
  9. Allow them to match the deal. Cable and internet providers don’t want you to leave but customer service reps may initially have limited options to help you. If you’re unsuccessful in negotiating with your current provider, tell them you found a better deal and plan to cancel. The rep may then send you over to account retentions where they’ll have more options to lower your monthly bill.
  10. Allow yourself to switch providers. If you can’t get the best deal, then cancel your service and make the switch. Most people don’t want to switch and cable providers know switching can be painful. When you find the right service with another provider, then it’s time to switch or get them to match the deal.

Additionally, new apps are available that will negotiate your cable bills for you. Check out the financial marketplace to discover these bill negotiator apps.

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