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How to Find Free ATMs

You have a number of options but it all depends on your financial institutions.

Need to find free ATMs to access your cash? One of the most wasted fees I’ve paid was accessing my own cash through an ATM with a surcharge. I’ll withdraw $20 and get hit with a $3 fee at the low end. That’s a 15% fee. I understand why fees are charged because it costs money to run and operate an ATM network. But, if you can avoid it, then you have a little bit more money for your goals. To manage your money well, you’ll need to find ways to cut back or eliminate fees for services you can get for free.

Here are the ways you can avoid paying surcharges and find free ATMs.

Use your financial institutions ATMs

This is easy if you have an account with a big bank or community bank. They often have more accessible branches or ATMs. A simple google search can help you find free ATMs located in local branches. These ATMs belong to your bank or credit union and as a customer or member, you get free access. Many ATMs owned by these financial institutions can be found at gas stations, drug and convenience stores, and some retailers. Using these ATMs, you won’t be charged to withdraw, transfer, deposit, or check your balances.

Use an affiliated ATM network

Financial institutions partner with ATM networks to offer customers access to a network of surcharge-free ATMs. These ATM networks give you access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs. Some networks include AllPoint or COOP ATMs. These ATMs are located in many locations too, but you won’t find the logo of your financial institution on them. Check with your bank or credit union to find free ATMs or learn about the surcharge-free network.

Use an account that offers ATM reimbursements

A growing number of financial institutions, primarily mobile or online-only banks offer ATM reimbursements. Some may have reimbursement caps in a month and for how much. While others are quite generous. If you’re the type to withdraw money often, consider using a secondary account with an alternative bank. Companies like Chime Bank, Aspiration, and many others offer ATM fee reimbursements.

Discover a new type of checking account with debit card plus ATM reimbursement in the financial marketplace.

If you need to access cash and there are no ATMs in the area, you may be able to use your debit card to request cash back at the supermarket, drug stores, or chain convenience store.

And lastly, avoid non-network ATMs

These ATMs give you access to your account to withdraw money but have no affiliation with your financial institution whatsoever. These non-affiliated ATMs typically incur fees when you withdraw money. Sometimes you may also pay a fee to check your balance or transfer between accounts. These ATMs will charge you two fees. The ATM owner will charge you a fee and will also charge a fee to your financial institution which then passes on the fee to you. This is why you’ll see two fees for withdrawing money from a non-network or affiliated ATM.

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