First #FinHealthMatters Day – The Importance of Financial Health and Wellness – Facebook Live Marathon

Watch over 17 hours of Financial Health and Wellness talks on Facebook!

April 25, 2018 is FinHealthMatters Day. We’re hosting a Facebook Live made possible through the support of the nonprofit Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI). MetLife Foundation is a founding sponsor of CFSI’s financial health work.

Phroogal Financial Health Matters Day Results

Jason Vitug interviewed the top personal finance experts and professionals helping you improve your overall financial health.

#FinHealthMatters Day was first launched in 2016 by CFSI, which has as its mission improving the financial health of all Americans.

How to watch the #FinHealthMatters Day Facebook Live Marathon

  • Watch 28 20-minute interviews with personal finance experts, bloggers, and financial professionals.
  • See them live and hear their money stories.
  • Gain insights and lessons on how to improve your financial health.

Log into your Facebook account and visit the Phroogal Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/phroogal and enjoy it.

*All interviews will be available to view after the live stream.

#FinHealthMatters Day Facebook Livestream Interview Schedule (Eastern Time)

Time Interviews Topic
7:00 AM Introduction by Jason Vitug, founder at phroogal and author of You Only Live Once

Twitter: @JasonVitug

Welcome to #FinHealthMatters Day on the Road to Financial Wellness
7:30 AM Javier Gutierrez, blogger

Website: Dreamer Money

Twitter: @dreamer_money 

The financial dreams of D.R.E.A.Mers and the DACAmented
8:00 AM Athena Lent 

Website: Money Smart Latina

Twitter: @smart_latina

Connecting the underserved and unbanked to community resources
8:30 AM Candice Marie

Website: Young Yet Wise

Twitter: @YoungYetWis3

How to become debt free after losing a job
9:00 AM David Auten & John Schneider, authors

Website: Debt Free Guys

Twitter: @DebtFreeGuys

Serving the financial health of the LGBT community
9:30 AM Tiffany Aliche

Website: The Budgetnista

Twitter: @TheBudgetnista 

How to become a Dream Catcher and live richer
10:00 AM Joe Saul-Sehy, Podcast Host

Website: Stacking Benjamins


Role of podcasts as financial edutainment
10:30 AM Rod Griffin, Experian Credit Expert

Website: Experian

Twitter: @Rod_Griffin

Understanding credit from a credit bureau’s viewpoint
11:00 AM Kate Dore, Candidate for CFP® Certification

Website: Cashville Skyline

Twitter: @CashvilleSky

DIY freelancer benefits package
11:30 AM Lee Huffman, travel and lifestyle writer

Website: Bald Thoughts

Twitter: @BaldThoughts

How to travel more, spend less, and live better.
12:00 PM Tanya Ladha

Website: Center for Financial Services Innovation

Twitter: @CFSInnovation

Center for Financial Services Innovation
12:30 PM Program Lunch Break Program Lunch Break
1:00 PM Robert Farrington, founder

Website: The College Investor

Twitter: @CollegeInvestin 

Student loan debt payoff strategies
1:30 PM James Reid

Website: MetLife

Twitter: @MetLife

How to use employee benefits to support your financial health
2:00 PM Lacey Langford, Military Money Expert®

Website: Lacey Langford

Twitter: @FinanceLacey

Military money and transition
2:30 PM Deacon Hayes, author and founder

Website: Well Kept Wallet

Twitter: @deaconhayes 

How you can retire early
3:00 PM Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University

Website: Rutgers NJAES

Twitter: @moneytalk1

Financial health of students and effectiveness of personal finance courses
3:30 PM Phil Schuman, creator of Indiana University Money Smarts

Website: Money Smarts

Twitter: @PhiltheShoeMan 

Credit and the college student experience
4:00 PM Bobby Lee, Money expert and writer 

Website: 2 Minute Finance

Twitter: @visiblee

Asian American and Pacific Islander financial wellness
4:30 PM Amanda Abella, Millennial Personal Finance & Business Expert

Website: Amanda Abella

Twitter: @amandaabella 

First-generation American and financial lessons
5:00 PM Lauryn Williams, 4x Olympian & Financial Planner

Website: Worth Winning

Twitter: @LaurynCwilliams

Addressing the financial needs of student-athletes and professional athletes
5:30 PM Belinda Rosenblum

Website: Own Your Money

Twitter: @OwnYourMoney

Shift your mindset to create wealth
6:00 PM Paul Vasey, founder

Website: Cash Crunch Games

Twitter: @CashCrunchGames

How to financial educate children to become financially well adults
6:30 PM Lindsay VanSomeren

Website: Notorious Debt


Personal finance in the S.T.E.M profession
7:00 PM Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, NY Times Bestselling Author

Website: Ask the Money Coach

Twitter: @themoneycoach

How to live your best financial life
7:30 PM Ashley Hill, host #CollegeChat

Website: College Prep Ready

Twitter: @prepforcollege

How to pay less for college without student loans.
8:00 PM Jen Hemphill, Author and Podcaster

Website: Jen Hemphill

Twitter: @jenhemphilll

Understanding the Latino-American money perspective
8:30 PM David Carlson, author

Website: Young Adult Money

Twitter: @YoungAdultMoney

Side hustles to achieve debt freedom
9:00 PM Shalynn Kellogg


Twitter: @Whereallcorners

Financial health of Native Americans
9:30 PM Talaat and Tai McNeely, America’s #1 Money Couple

Website: His and Her Money

Twitter: @HisandHerMoney

Finance and Marriage
10:00 PM

Recap by Jason Vitug, founder at phroogal and author of You Only Live Once

Twitter: @JasonVitug

 Late Night Recap
10:30 PM Michelle Jackson

Website: Michelle Jackson

Twitter: @MichLovesMoney

Late Night Bonus Discussion: Freelancing
11:00 PM Kevin Matthews II

Website: Building Bread

Twitter: @BuildingBread

Late Night Bonus Discussion: Investing
11:30 PM Harlan L. Landes

Website: Plutus Foundation

Twitter: @harlanlandes 

Late Night Bonus Discussion: Role of financial media in financial education

#FinHealthMatters Day Facebook Live is made possible through the support of the nonprofit Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI). MetLife Foundation is a founding sponsor of CFSI’s financial health work.

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