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Find Coinstar Coin Counting Machines Near Me

Fewer free options but many Coinstar machines available.

Do you have a jug filled with coins? It doesn’t do you any good to have it collecting dust as opposed to earning interest. What if there’s just way too many coins to count on a Wednesday afternoon? Then, you may find yourself asking where can you find free coin counting machines.

The quick answer: there are fewer options available to the general public for free coin counting machine use.

What are your banking options? Start with your bank and ask about their coin counters. If your financial institution doesn’t have these machines, then call other local banks or find a credit union. You may be lucky enough to find a local branch that allows the general public to get their coins counted.

Your other option is to buy a coin-counting machine on Amazon (but they can be pricey) or simply buy coin wrappers at the dollar store. And painstakingly count and wrap them.

Find a Coinstar machine near you to count coins for free

The last option is using a Coinstar machine you can find in some large retailers and supermarkets. There is a cost to use the Coinstar machine that can be upwards of around 12%. However, if you redeem your counted coins for an e-gift card, then the fee will be waived. You can also donate your coins without incurring a fee.

Coinstar coin counting machines take out the hassle of counting and wrapping your coins. Most financial institutions that accept coins for deposit require them to be counted and rolled.

Instead, you can find a Coinstar coin counting machine and let it do the work for you. There is a fee to use the machine if you want to get cash in return. However, if you choose to redeem the coins for an e-gift card from a list of retailers, there will be no fee to count your coins. Minimum redemption of coins is required per gift card.

Visit coinstar.com to find a kiosk near you. Just input your zip code and get a list of locations with Coinstar machines available.

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