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How to Find a Credit Union Surcharge-free ATM

As a member, you may have access to thousands of credit union surcharge-free ATMs across the country. Many credit unions offer an extensive ATM network to enhance the convenience and accessibility to your money.

What is a surcharge-free ATM?

When you use an ATM outside of your financial institution’s network there may be two fees assessed – an access fee by your financial institution and the surcharge fee imposed by the ATM owner.

Many credit unions do not assess a fee to access your money from ATMs owned by them or other companies. However, the ATM owner may assess a surcharge for using their ATM.

For example, you can withdraw money from your financial institution’s ATMs without paying fees. If you choose to withdraw money from a different ATM, such as one by a bank or found in a convenience store and gas station, a fee may be added by the ATM owner.

However, using an ATM in the surcharge-free network in these locations will not incur a fee.

Surcharge-free versus ATM Fee Reimbursement

Using a surcharge-free ATM is different from ATM fee reimbursement benefits.

With ATM fee reimbursement, some financial institutions will refund the ATM owner fees (surcharge) up to a specific limit set by the bank or credit union. In this situation, you pay the surcharge fee at the time of withdrawal and get reimbursed later. For example, you withdraw $20 and assessed $3 surcharge which means your balance is reduced by $23. Then, your credit union will credit your account $3 at a later date. Check with your credit union and ask if ATM fee reimbursement is offered.

Credit Union Surcharge-free ATM Networks

Many credit unions as a benefit offer access to a surcharge-free ATM network giving you access to thousands of ATMs. When using an ATM in this network, your credit union pays the surcharge fee.

For example, you withdraw money at an ATM owned by a bank. Your credit union may not charge you a fee for out of network use, but the bank (ATM owner) may assess a surcharge. By using an ATM in the network, you won’t pay the surcharge.

How to Find a Credit Union Surcharge-Free ATM

Surcharge-free ATM access is available for members whose credit union belongs to the CO-OP Network. The CO-OP surcharge-free ATM network consists of nearly 30,000 ATMs across the country.

  • Use your credit union’s surcharge-free ATM locator found on the website or mobile app.
  • Find a surcharge-free ATM with the CO-OP Network

Additionally, some credit unions are part of a larger ATM network that can extend surcharge-free ATM access to 65,000+ nationwide. Search surcharge-free ATMs:

Ask your credit union about the availability of surcharge-free ATMs. Inquire about limits to using the surcharge-free ATM network before credit union access fees may apply.

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