• Purposeful Savings Plan

    Purposeful Savings Goals: How to Save and Reach Them

    Are you saving money? Do you find yourself making more excuses for not saving than actual money in your savings account? If so, it’s time to rethink your approach to saving and adopt a more purposeful strategy. Remember these: Saving money is important. Saving consistently is key. Saving early is impactful. And saving purposefully helps you reach your goals. Let’s…

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  • How to Build Savings

    How to Build Savings for Financial Stability

    Savings is a fundamental financial concept that involves setting aside a portion of your income or resources for future use rather than spending it immediately. It is a crucial aspect of financial wellness. What is Savings? Saving money simply means putting aside a portion of your income for future use rather than spending it all. It involves making intentional choices…

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  • Pay Yourself First

    Pay Yourself First: How to Prioritize Your Goals

    Pay yourself first. I’m sure you’ve heard and read this many times before. And it’s often repeated because most people don’t pay themselves first. Many of us understand the concept of saving money in theory yet struggle to put it into practice. We often make excuses, waiting for the perfect moment to start saving. “I’ll start saving once I get…

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  • Automate Savings for Success

    How to Automate Savings for Success: Set and Track It

    So you want to save money but find it difficult to save? Saving money is a cornerstone of financial wellness, yet many struggle to consistently set aside funds from their income. For years, I believed I could never save money until I learned how to save by having it done automatically. You see, life’s demands and daily temptations often derail…

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  • Use Multiple Savings Accounts

    How to Use Multiple Savings Accounts to Reach Financial Goals

    Many people have just one savings account where they save all their cash for many reasons. This may be simpler to manage, but the downside is the inability to track your progress effectively. Having multiple savings accounts is the perfect way to allocate your money toward each financial goal. I was a saver who deposited all my cash into one…

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  • CD Ladder Strategy

    CD Ladder Strategy: How to Maximize Returns on Savings

    A CD ladder involves spreading a lump sum of money across multiple CDs with different maturity dates. Laddering is an investment strategy that allows you to take advantage of higher interest rates offered by longer-term CDs while maintaining liquidity and flexibility. What are CDs? Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are financial products offered by banks and credit unions that allow you…

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  • Invest Using Savings Accounts

    How to Invest Using Savings Accounts: A Low-Risk Way to Grow Money

    When it comes to investing, savings accounts may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, these often overlooked financial tools can serve as a valuable component of your investment strategy. In this guide, we’ll explore how to invest using savings accounts and strategies to maximize their potential as investments. Why Invest Using Savings Accounts? While savings accounts…

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  • How to Never Deplete Your Emergency Fund

    How to Never Deplete Your Emergency Fund (6 Tips)

    An emergency fund will help you cover your living expenses when your income decreases or you lose it. In some instances, an emergency fund can cover an immediate expense that you cannot cover from funds in your checking account. It’s great to have an emergency fund, but most people don’t. According to a survey, “approximately 58% of Americans have less than…

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  • Emergency Fund: Why You Need It and Why It Matters

    Emergency Fund: Why You Need It and Why It Matters

    I once read that nearly half of Americans don’t have $500 saved to cover an unexpected expense. Back then, I was part of that statistic and felt the stress of being financially unprepared. Today, I’ve made it a mission to emphasize the importance of saving money for rainy days, emergencies, and unexpected job loss. What is an Emergency Fund? An…

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  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Saving Money

    It’s important to talk to your child about saving money. Some parents may be more comfortable talking about reproduction with their children than money. That’s because we hold so much emotion about our own financial situation. We also may not have the actual financial understanding to speak confidently about what our kids need to know about money. In my own…

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