• Say "No" to Family or Friends

    5 Simple Rules to Loan Money to Family and Friends

    Have you been asked to loan money to a family member or friend? I’m sure you have, and a question has been on your mind: Should you loan money to family and friends? Some time ago, a reader asked me how to respond to family members who constantly asked for loan money. She cared for their well-being, but it was…

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  • How to Share Financial Responsibility Upon Moving in Together

    Have you talked about financial responsibility with your partner? There are many stages to a relationship, but one of the most complicated comes when you make the decision to move in together. It’s mostly a happy time of merging two unique styles and personalities into one home. However, there is one major talk to have before you take the plunge: finances.…

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  • How Introverts Can Have the Financial Talk with a Partner

    Are you an introvert in a relationship? Everyone knows that there comes a time in every relationship when “the talk” has to happen. You may dread it or welcome it, but deciding if a relationship will move forward into more serious, committed territory will be determined during this conversation because it essentially answers the question:  “So, what are we?” The…

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  • How to Prepare for a Job Interview: Don’t Make These Mistakes

    Increase your odds of landing your dream position by being well prepared for a job interview. Whether your goal is career mobility or you’re out of a job, you don’t want to make these interview mistakes. Sure you need to get the interview basics right first like dressing properly and grooming. But you can’t stop at the basics. You’ll increase…

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  • Is It Really Okay to Talk About Your Money?

    Are you ok with breaking the money taboo, or do you even enjoy talking about your money? It seems to me that more and more people do.Have the money rules changed? I ask because as a teenager, money was one of those topics that were primarily discussed between immediate family. It was sort of an unwritten rule in the house – don’t…

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  • How to Give Money Advice to Friends Without Losing Them

    Many of my friends know I write articles on money and travel around the world talking about financial wellness. I often give money advice to friends that nurture the friendship, not hurt them. But I’ve learned, whenever I hear anyone talking about credit, debt, saving money or budgeting, I often bite my tongue to avoid jumping in and offering unsolicited…

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