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  • How to Invest in Real Estate

    How to Invest in Real Estate: 4 Distinct Ways to Make Money

    Investing in real estate is an exciting way to earn passive income and a great strategy for diversifying your investment portfolio. It allows you to use properties to build wealth. There are different ways to invest in real estate, each with pros and cons. Your options depend on your risk tolerance and desire for active involvement. What Is Real Estate Investing? Real…

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  • Create Income Strategy

    How to Create Your Income Strategy

    Do you have an income strategy? If you have income goals, you’ll need a deliberate approach to earn more money. An income strategy refers to a plan to generate steady income streams. This strategy involves maximizing income from different sources, such as investments, employment, business ventures, or passive income streams. Income SourceDescriptionEmployment IncomeMany individuals rely on employment as their primary…

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  • Increase Your Income

    5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Income

    Increasing income is a key strategy for achieving financial goals and building wealth. Whether you’re looking to boost your earnings from employment, investments, business ventures, or passive income streams, this comprehensive guide will provide practical steps. Let’s get started. Step 1: Assess Your Current Income Sources Start by assessing your current income sources to understand where your money is coming…

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  • Active Income and Passive Income: The Differences to Know

    Do you know that making money and earning money are two different things? The words are often interchangeable, but they support two vastly different lifestyles. This difference can mean more or fewer hours working or having fun. When most people think of money, they’re probably only thinking about having more of it, not necessarily about the different ways of making…

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  • 14 Passive Income Ideas with Unlimited Potential

    Do you want to earn passive income without having to put in much effort? Are you looking for passive income streams to make extra money? If so, then you should check out these passive income ideas. There are many ways to generate passive income. Some people prefer to invest their money while others choose to start an online business. In…

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  • Multiple Income Streams

    7 Multiple Income Streams to Better Wealth

    Even if you’re happy and believe that your job will be around for a while, there are good reasons to have multiple income streams. I wish I had known earlier about different ways to make money that didn’t require me to exchange more of my time for a paycheck. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of income, explain…

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  • Earning Money vs Making Money: Know the Difference to Create Wealth

    There is a difference between “earning” money and “making” money. Although the words are interchangeably used, they are not the same thing. Knowing the difference helps you understand how to support your journey towards financial wellness. Earning money is a result of exchanging your time for cash, payment, or a paycheck. You earn money by performing work for someone else–a…

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  • 4 Skills You Need To Save Money As A Freelancer

    Here are four powerful ways you can save money as a freelancer while you build your business.Off the top of my head, I can think of many reasons to be a freelancer or your own boss. There’s the freedom of picking and choosing projects according to your interests; you can work at your own pace; set your own schedule; work…

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  • How to Make Money Shoveling Snow

    Here’s the easiest way to make money shoveling snow. You might think that making a buck removing snow is as simple as picking up a shovel, heading out the door early on the morning of that first big snowstorm, and seeing who needs help in your neighborhood. You’d be right. It is that simple. At least, that’s how you get…

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  • How to Start an Etsy Side Business without a Great Idea

    There are a lot of great tutorials out there for how to start your own Etsy shop. I want to do something a little different by giving you a real world example to follow. I started my Etsy shop, Green Valley Upcycling, in November 2020. Our first product was soy candles poured in upcycled wine and liquor bottles – cool…

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