Living Well

  • Renting is Better Than Buying

    7 Reasons Why Renting is Better Than Buying

    It’s possible that renting might be better than buying. I recently read an article that said many millennials and older generations are ditching their mortgages and choosing to rent. Not because they can’t afford a mortgage but because they like the freedom and flexibility that comes with renting. I’ve been a homeowner for about eight years, and although I’m enjoying…

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  • Renting Is Not A Waste of Money

    5 Reasons Why Renting is Not a Waste of Money

    You may be wondering if renting is really a waste of money, or is renting a good investment? Not everyone wants to be a homeowner and that is okay. It used to be that buying a home was a measure of success, a celebrated step of adulthood, but recently things have started to shift. As some people start to prioritize…

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  • Better Things To Do Instead of Watching TV

    10 Way Better Things To Do Instead of Watching TV

    We all know there are better things to do instead of watching TV because it is a poor use of time. While there are some positive and informative programs, we don’t really retain much of that information. Say you watch a TV show about the US Civil War. If I ask you who led the Battle of Bunker Hill, one week later,…

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  • How Introverts Can Have the Financial Talk with a Partner

    Are you an introvert in a relationship? Everyone knows that there comes a time in every relationship when “the talk” has to happen. You may dread it or welcome it, but deciding if a relationship will move forward into more serious, committed territory will be determined during this conversation because it essentially answers the question:  “So, what are we?” The…

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  • Advantages of Low-Rent Living You Haven’t Considered (5 Reasons)

    Believe it or not, there’s a lot to love about low-rent living. If you work hard and earn enough money, you may rent an apartment with every amenity under the sun— tile, granite, community swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and other luxury living perks. But all of this comes with a price. Just because you can afford high-end rent doesn’t mean…

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  • How to Eat Healthy on a Budget to Save Time and Money

    Here’s are five practical strategies that will help you eat healthy on a budget, while saving you both time and money. One of the biggest myths when it comes to eating healthy is that it’s more expensive to focus on a healthy and balanced diet than to eat whatever you want.  We all want to eat healthier but eating healthy…

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  • 10 Best Books to Save Money with a Garden

    Here are my top ten best books on gardening for beginners who want to eat better and save money with a garden.  If you want to pad your budget, get healthier, and reconnect with your environment, starting a garden is a no-brainer. The actual dollar amount you can save by growing your own produce depends on how much you’re currently…

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  • Start Exercising Outside to Experience More Beauty and Save Money

    Here’s my challenge to all you gym warriors out there: start exercising outside this week. Maybe you agree with me here. After leaving years’ worth of sweat on countless gym floors, I have come to the conclusion that there must be a better way. Authors, scientific research, and mental health experts increasingly agree: exercising outdoors is better for us. In…

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  • Commitment List Instead of Resolutions

    Making a commitment list will help you achieve many of your resolutions. It’s that time of year when the talk of resolutions is at its highest. I’ve made resolutions. I’m sure you’ve made them too. The New Year seems is the most popular time to make resolutions, but many people commit to changes in their lives throughout the year. Today…

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  • Being Broke: a Blessing in Disguise?

    If you’re a self-proclaimed broke person, you might say that your situation is anything but a blessing; this is typical. But does it have have it to be that? Before you click to the next article or say ‘this chick is crazy,’ let me explain. First of all, when I use the words ‘broke people’ I’m not referring to poverty or…

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