• 7 Simple Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

    Did you know spring cleaning is for your finances, too? From time to time everyone should take stock of their financial situation. If you think of yourself as a financially savvy person, you probably make smart money decisions and do whatever it takes to avoid money blunders. But even if you’re responsible, your financial life might take a backseat to…

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  • 7 Simple Financial Checkups to Do in the New Year

    The New Year is here and with it a new potential you. Then, the bills come rolling in and you’re reminded of the old you. During the holidays, majority of people are focused on spending rather than saving until the financial reality sets in when the holiday bills arrive in January. To escape the financial situation, we often fantasize about…

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  • 7 Steps to Analyze your Money and Personal Finances

    It’s essential to analyze your money and finances to gain insight into your financial wellbeing. A complete analysis gives you a comprehensive overview of the state of your financial situation. The analysis includes assessing your assets, liabilities, credit, income, and expenses. Many people create a budget or set financial goals without first understanding where they stand financially today. To be…

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